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Monday, 18 May 2015

Another Car

Doesn't seem that long ago that I was preparing to handover my car for a new one, but it's almost four years since the Vectra went and this arrived ........

It's done some miles, got me from A to B without missing a beat, taken the family to far flung places and carried some stuff around. It's basically been a car. I can't really fault it, and the electric everything with huge bass bins in the boot and low-pro black anodised wheels were somewhat more upmarket than the old Vectra estate. It was particularly good a blasting out drum and bass at anti-socially loud volume. But after nearly four years I am now fed up of the rattling from the slightly cheap interior build quality (although that may be linked to the aforementioned bass bins being utilised liberally).

It never really got abused as much as the old Vectra, and I slept in it a lot less, but it has been where no other Laguna sport tourer has .......

So tomorrow I drive it to work for (hopefully) the last time, and I'll be driving home in something altogether different. I needed something even more economical than a diesel and more environmentally friendly (with a lower cost taxable benefit). So, I'll be having one of these ......

A fully loaded hybrid hatchback. Doubt I'll get as much mothing gear in it, but perhaps I won't need to. Although I'm sure the seats will fold down, and I used to manage with a much smaller white car than this .....

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Larval Life

Found a couple larvae in the garden yesterday, a very gaudy one that I get annually (usually helping themsleves to the flowering cherry) and a more subtly smart one that is another new breeding record for the garden ......


Green-brindled Crescent

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Greek Weevils

Here's another batch of bits from Greece last week - this time a bunch of weevils which for the sake of presentation I've uploaded in size order from smallest to largest. No idea what any of them are ......

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Greek Bugs

I've was working away in Greece last week, staying in a coastal hotel west of Patras in a small town called Kaminia. We have a factory c5km inland from there where I spent most of the week, and as usual I didn't get much of a chance to have a look around the area. All I did manage was to poke the camera at a few inverts that were all pretty easily found over a few half-hour searches of roadside scrub and weeds. Most photos are not great, limited chances whilst trying to cope with either bright sunshine or dusky conditions, but you get the gist. I'll post a few groups, starting with this black and red themed collection of hemiptera.

Possibly Graphosoma italicum

Possibly Ornate Shieldbug (Eurydema ornatum)

Firebug (Pyrrhocoris apterus)

Not sure, apart from it's not a Firebug

No idea on this one either so far

Think this one is Cercopis arcuata

Terrible photo - think this one is Spilostethus equestris

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Moschatel and Random Bits

I'm off to Greece in the morning - working away for a week in Patras. I doubt there will be any time for having a look around but I'll take my camera anyway. Before I go, here's a few random shots from Devon.

 Moschatel - one of the 'faces' with a five-petal flower

Moschatel - the four-petal top flower

Woolacombe Beach - it was rammed on the main sands but quiet around the rocky pools

This rock caught my eye - a bit like looking for images in clouds, this one looks to me like a sunken fossilised mammoth. And I hadn't been drinking.

This is actually a lot smarter than it looks here - a Sea Hare, my first sea slug

Sea Slater - a large maritime woodlouse

Some funky 'script' lichens

Friday, 17 April 2015

Garden Mothing

I've had both garden traps out every night this week so far - but no great catches, all a bit slow compared to Devon last week. Highlights were these .....

Acleris cristana

Red-green Carpet

Brindled Beauty

Least Black Arches

I also found this larva near my MV trap on Wednesday evening. It looked vaguely familiar, but I just bunged it in a tub with some weeds and grass to check it out later.

Usually any moth larvae I find in the garden are either generalists that I can rear on pretty much anything, or I find them on a particular plant anyway and use that to rear. This one though was not touching anything. I checked it in Porter this evening and remembered what it is, one that I have seen before but a new breeding record for the garden - Centre-barred Sallow. It must have fallen or got blown out of the ash tree in my garden as it should be feeding on the buds at the moment. I've released it back on to the tree to fend for itself.